Workplace Issues

Los Medios Sociales: Qué Se Debe Hacer Si Su Patrón No “Le Gusta”

Un día en el trabajo Susana Myers se le acerca y comenta que está siendo disciplinada por la gerencia por sus publicaciones en Facebook. Los publicó durante horas de no-trabajo usando su propio equipo, por ejemplo, su teléfono celular. Específicamente, publicó el siguiente mensaje en su página de Facebook:

“Michelle Willis, una compañera de trabajo, siente que no estamos ayudando a nuestros clientes lo suficiente en [la compañía]. ¡Ya casi estoy harta! Compañeros, ¿cómo se sienten?”

Equal Distribution of Overtime

Equal Distribution of Overtime

Here are some scenarios that are probably familiar to most UE Stewards:

  • Harlan Parrot comes up to his steward. "I have a grievance. Jim Carey is always s------ up to the boss and getting all the overtime. I thought there was supposed to be equal overtime. What are you going to do about it?" or,
  • Sheila approaches her steward one afternoon, "Hey, did you hear the company's asking people to work this Saturday in shipping? Pedro is still laid off from shipping. You've got to stop them from working."

Sound familiar?

Workplace Surveillance

Workplace Surveillance

Workers at a UE represented factory noticed a crew of outside electricians doing a lot of work in the plant. They were installing an extraordinary amount of new electric exit signs and refurbishing old ones. At first no one thought anything about it, but then someone noticed that instead of regular electric cable running into the signs there was 3/4 inch coaxial cables.

Two Tier Wage and Benefit Systems – Equal Work For Less Pay

Equal Work for Less Pay – Two Tier Wages

At the opening session of negotiations between UE Local 1917 and Amalgamated Putz Corporation, the company made a serious pitch for establishing a two-tier payment system. "We need to lower costs. The parent corporation is demanding every unit reduce costs by 15%. Our competitors are paying operators $1.75 less per hour and they have to pay 30% of their insurance premium.