UE Local 1077-PTI CA & NV Drivers Union Contract Campaign Update

October 7, 2020

The Bargaining Committee election results are in. Congratulations to all of the PTI drivers that participated in this election. You are building your union through your participation. Drivers that received the three highest vote counts have been elected to your Bargaining Committee: Lela Jankowski (Dunsmuir, CA Yard), Don White (Roseville CA Yard) & Ed Stephenson (Sparks NV Yard). The two alternate committee members are: Tyler Cabral (Fresno CA Yard) & Tim Cunningham (Bakersfield CA Yard).

UE Drivers at PTI August 2020 Update

August 14, 2020

The Union Wins the Election, and PTI Drags its feet.
The bosses at PTI are sore losers. In June, the National Labor Relations Board certified UE as the Union for PTI drivers in CA/NV. PTI tried and tried to convince drivers that they would take care of them if they voted no on the Union. Drivers knew better and chose to have a Union in their workplace. The UE Local 1077 is moving forward and building the bargaining committee as well as the contract support team in cities throughout California and Nevada.

Union Election coming soon

April 28, 2020

PTI Drivers Speak Out: We’re Voting UE Yes!

Drivers Deserve Higher Wages and Better Hours!
“Since PTI has taken over the board has been chaos, there's no fair rotation, drivers are barely getting hours, and we’ve already lost out on a lot of money. With our UE contract at Hallcon you went back to the top of the board if your trip was less than 4 hours, at PTI its only 2. I’m voting for UE because drivers deserve more than minimum wage for this job and we deserve a contract that guarantees hours!” Lela Jankowski, Driver, Dunsmuir CA

Lets stay safe at work!

April 3, 2020


Local 1004

Henry Mayo Hospital Workers Union

Members are letting us know about their concerns regarding protective equipment and sanitation needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll be delivering these messages to the hospital to make sure the situation can be further improved to address your safety during this crisis.

Hallcon & PTI drivers safety must be top priority!

March 31, 2020

As our nation and our world takes measures to slow the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, UE rail-crew transport workers need clear answers to protect health and safety on the job. Your rank-and-file union in all 6 UE Locals 155 (NJ), 716 (OH), 977 (TX,LA, KS, OK, TN), 1077 (CA NV), 1177 (MN, MO, WI, IL, IN) and 1477 (CO, NM) at Hallcon and PTI (CA, IL, IN) are working to make drivers’ voices are heard.

Hallcon Drivers at NS Staying with UE

March 31, 2020


Hallcon Corp is going away at your yard or road board and PTI is taking over. PTI is a Company that does not keep its promises. They promised drivers raises and then turned their backs on the drivers, just ask any current PTI employee or check the internet. PTI is last when it comes to driver satisfaction and employee retention. PTI as a Company has not been providing cleaning supplies drivers need to clean vehicles in this time of COVID-19.

Welcome to UE Local 1477 Colorado and New Mexico

December 11, 2019


In early October of 2019, your Local Union adopted its constitution and voted in new officers. The Link below shows all of the Officers and Stewards for UE Local 1477. Please feel free to call them if you have questions or concerns.

We have also included below a copy of the adopted Constitution for the Local as well as a copy of the Union contract with Hallcon Corp.

Happy Holidays,

UE Local 1477 Executive Board

UE Local 1077 Winter Election notices

December 11, 2019

Local 1077 Notice of Nominations and Elections for Officer

The Union is notifying you that the nominations period is open for the following offices: A.) President, B.) Vice-President, C.) Financial Secretary, D.) Recording Secretary, E.) District 1 Alternate Chief Steward, F.) District 3 Alternate Chief Steward. Nominations can be made by any member in good standing. Nominations must be received in writing at the office address listed below, or, by phone at (312) 574-0733 by no later than December 18, 2019 5:00pm PST.