Outreach and Publicity

The Publicity Committee is vital to the winning of a strike and can make the work of every other Committee easier and more effective.

The Publicity Committee works under the close supervision of the General Strike Committee. It is responsible for the preparation and distribution of information to both the Local's membership and to the general public through:

  1. Strike bulletins regularly distributed to members.
  2. Letters to the membership.
  3. Special leaflets to members or to the public.
  4. News releases to radio, TV, and the press.
  5. Radio spot announcements.
  6. Newspaper ads.
  7. Appearances on radio and TV programs.

The National Office has people available to help in setting up spot announcements, schedules, wording, newspaper ads, and radio and television appearances. The bulk of the work, however, must be done by the Local Committee. The daily strike bulletins, news releases, letters to members, and leaflets must be prepared locally.

If there is no Publicity Committee, this work will inevitably fall to the Officers and other strike leaders. This gives them an extra burden; even worse, it often results in this vital work being neglected.

Those who work on the Publicity Committee should not be expected to put in time on other strike committees. Doing a good job won't leave them time for anything else — and a good job by this Committee is vital to the success of the strike.

The need to get the Union's position to the public and information to striking members cannot be over-emphasized. But those are two very different audiences. Each is discussed below separately.

Materials Reuse Policy

UE makes electronic versions of our educational materials available to other workers and trade unions free of charge, in the interest of promoting democratic, rank-and-file trade unionism.

Other workers and unions may reprint and reuse UE materials, provided you notify communications@ueunion.org, provide credit to UE, and (if online) link to this notice.

We are a small union, with limited resources, and we ask that any organization or individual using our materials who is able to do so consider making a donation to the UE Research and Education Fund, to help us continue to be able to provide educational materials for the broader labor movement.

We retain copyright ownership, and the right to prevent reuse in any way that harms the interests of workers, the labor movement, or the UE.