Fundraising Committee

Raising money to support the strike is one of the most important strike activities. A Fundraising Committee should include people who are articulate enough to go before different kinds of audiences and appeal for funds.

This is not as hard as it may seem. A surprising number of people will welcome the chance to show their solidarity with striking workers by contributing money. (Often because they can easily imagine themselves in the strikers' position.)

Some suggested methods of raising funds are:

  1. Well before the start of negotiations, build up the Local Strike Fund through a special Local assessment.
  2. Organize raffles, benefit shows and dances.
  3. After the strike starts, organize plant gate collections at all shops in the area.
  4. Make appeals at meetings of unions and other organizations in the area.

All fund raised must be reported to the General Strike Committee.

Materials Reuse Policy

UE makes electronic versions of our educational materials available to other workers and trade unions free of charge, in the interest of promoting democratic, rank-and-file trade unionism.

Other workers and unions may reprint and reuse UE materials, provided you notify, provide credit to UE, and (if online) link to this notice.

We are a small union, with limited resources, and we ask that any organization or individual using our materials who is able to do so consider making a donation to the UE Research and Education Fund, to help us continue to be able to provide educational materials for the broader labor movement.

We retain copyright ownership, and the right to prevent reuse in any way that harms the interests of workers, the labor movement, or the UE.