UE Young Activists Get Briefing on Black Lives Matter, Leaflet Unorganized Workers

August 15, 2015

UE Young Activists participated Friday in the first day of a two-day Movement Makers Conference,  leading up to UE’s 74th National Convention.  In the morning the 18 rank-and-file young activists heard a  a panel discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement, with a focus on that movement in Baltimore, as well as history of racism and the working class in the United States. Panelists included Dr. Rhonda Williams, history professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland; Dr. Kenneth Morgan who has taught at Coppin State University; and Maryland State Rep. Jill Carter.

General Executive Board Meets, Finalizes Convention Plans

August 13, 2015

UE’s General Executive Board met Thursday to review developments over the past three months and make final preparations for UE’s 74th National Convention, which will begin on Sunday.

President Bruce Klipple led a discussion of proposed amendments to the UE Constitution, mainly related to finances and pay of staff and officers. The board discussed and approved the proposals.