Report of the Policy Action Committee

The Policy Action Committee of the 76th National Convention moves the following plan of action in the period up to the next national convention.

Independent Rank-And-File Political Action

  1. The national union encourage the locals to obtain detailed information and provide a list of state legislative websites and social media for elected lawmakers and candidates for office from UE areas, for use in ongoing political action efforts including elections;
  2. The national union encourages the union at all levels to emphasize basic political action education, including the need for effective labor legislation and emphasizing political action at the state and local level;
  3. The national union encourages the union at all levels to get active in the presidential race in support of Bernie Sanders at and the 2020 Labor for Bernie campaign at 
  4. The national union encourages active resistance to the current political attacks using aggressive tactics, regaining lost ground through initiatives that address working people’s direct interest such as increasing the minimum wage;
  5. Each local shall, through legislative action committee, inform members about candidates running for election, expose hidden agendas and anti-union sentiment, provide information for union members, and promote pro-union candidates;
  6. The national union shall provide materials to educate the membership on the need to register and vote in the 2019 and 2020 state and national elections, and encourage locals to carry out workplace activities to ensure that members are informed, registered to vote, and turn out to vote on election day, including addressing transportation and procedural barriers;
  7. The national union shall update UE political action materials and workshops;
  8. The national union encourages the union at all levels to conduct state-level coordinated political action in the 2019 and 2020 elections by involving members, youth, retirees, and other community organizations as possible;
  9. The national union shall use, the UE News and UE social media to report political action success stories to counter voter apathy and improve activism, and to educate the members on the need for defensive action by the members when necessary;
  10. The national union encourages locals to invite elected lawmakers and candidates to meet with UE members in our workplaces, attend union meetings, town hall and community meetings, using elected allies where possible to accomplish this;
  11. The national union shall use, the UE News and UE social media to advertise events of interest to members including Labor Notes conferences and trainings, the Jobs with Justice national meeting, and others;
  12. The national union encourages locals in a geographical and/or state area to educate members with respect to step by step process on how to effectively communicate with legislators or other elected officials;
  13. Encourages locals to create a political/legislative action committee if feasible.

Healthcare for All

  1. The national union shall expand the use of our workshop “How to Fix Healthcare” to include more specific straightforward examples of the effects of our corrupted and broken healthcare system that can be used to convince others with simple and direct fast fact flyers;
  2. The national union shall update and UE social media to provide more ready to print materials and share creative tactics and strategies to engage the membership and the community in the Medicare for All campaign including but not limited to community canvassing based on the National Nurses United model;
  3. The national union shall share literature with membership who are aging into Medicare as a means to get them involved in the fight to protect and improve Medicare;
  4. The national union shall continue to educate the membership on the need for a single-payer healthcare system to provide a real solution to our health care disaster;
  5. The national union calls on the union to work with veterans organizations to oppose cuts to their medical care, to fully fund veterans medical benefits, and to strongly oppose any efforts to privatize the Veterans’ Administration.