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UE 77th Convention Videos

Video of convention speakers, organizing reports, and greetings from international guests is available on the UE YouTube Channel (youtube.com/UEtube). Please hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button while watching UE videos on YouTube, so you get notified when we post new videos!

UE 77th Convention Speakers (video)

Guest speakers addressing the UE 77th convention included Unifor National President Jerry Dias, AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson, Congressman Jesus "Chuy" García, civil rights and public health leader Dr. Linda Murray, and retired UE Political Action Director Chris Townsend.

UE 77th Convention Organizing Report (videos)

In his organizing report to the 77th UE convention, Director of Organization Gene Elk gave an overview of what he called “one of the most fruitful periods for organizing in UE that I can remember.”

UE 77th Convention International Guests (videos)

UE allies from Japan, Italy, Quebec and Mexico sent video greetings to the UE 77th Convention. All of them reported how working people in their countries have had their lives disrupted by the pandemic, but are fighting for safe jobs and a secure future.

UE in Photos, 2006-2019

As part of the cultural programming for the UE 77th Convention, the National Union asked retired UE NEWS Managing Editor Alan Hart to compile a selection of photographs from the last decade and a half of UE history.


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