Article 18 of the UE Constitution requires Locals to set up their own Strike Defense Funds. Although the National Fund is helpful, the major source of money is the Local's own Fund. Other money can be gotten through the efforts of a Fundraising Committee. Working with that Committee and the National Office, an estimate of funds available should be made and then revised, if necessary, during the strike.

The major strike expenditures are as follows:

  1. Food assistance to strikers, either through food distributions or credits toward food purchases.
  2. Utilities and rent/mortgage assistance to strikers.
  3. Transportation assistance.
  4. Operation of a Strike Kitchen, if any.
  5. Printing expenses for materials distributed to members.
  6. Radio or newspaper advertising, if any.
  7. Strike headquarters expenses, if it is located other than in the Local's offices.
  8. Legal expenses.
  9. Other expenses.

Some of these items will be very difficult to estimate at first, but that should be done well before the strike begins. As the strike continues, the estimates will become more realistic and can be revised.

Each expenditure should be estimated on the basis of a weekly average. Dividing the estimated total expenditure for a week into the available funds will tell how long the money can be expected to last.

Spreadsheet programs, such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, can be very useful in making and changing budget estimates.

Budgeting and the Local's financial situation in general should be kept strictly confidential within the General Strike Committee for the duration of the strike. After the strike is over, a full accounting should be made to the membership.

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