Notifying the National Office

As soon as it is clear that a strike may be pending, the UE National Office should be notified. This will send a yellow light to the National Office, telling it to get ready to assist you. Likewise, the National Office should be notified when and if the strike is called — giving it the green light to begin helping with legal, financial, and manpower support.

A National Strike Defense Fund was set up by an amendment to the UE Constitution in 1970. Under it, the National Office makes weekly lump sum payments to Locals beginning in the third week of the strike; based on the number of UE members on strike. The amount is set by the Union's General Executive Board and is periodically adjusted.

But the National Office has to be notified first. And during the strike, a strike expense report has to be submitted by the Local each week so that it can continue receiving money from the National Office.

Materials Reuse Policy

UE makes electronic versions of our educational materials available to other workers and trade unions free of charge, in the interest of promoting democratic, rank-and-file trade unionism.

Other workers and unions may reprint and reuse UE materials, provided you notify, provide credit to UE, and (if online) link to this notice.

We are a small union, with limited resources, and we ask that any organization or individual using our materials who is able to do so consider making a donation to the UE Research and Education Fund, to help us continue to be able to provide educational materials for the broader labor movement.

We retain copyright ownership, and the right to prevent reuse in any way that harms the interests of workers, the labor movement, or the UE.