The National Union: Structure and Functions

National Programs and Departments

Accounting: Tracks UE expenses and income, including per capita sent by UE locals.

Auditing: Checks UE local books and records for accuracy. This safeguards UE members’ dues.

Conference Boards: Coordinate locals who share the same employer or industry.

Education: Produces workshops, videos, books and pamphlets for local officers, stewards and members, helping maintain UE’s tradition of militant, democratic unionism.

International: Directs UE’s international solidarity work. Combats effects of the global economy by working to unite workers across borders. UE has relations with democratic unions in several countries.

Legal: Defends the rights of unorganized workers in UE organizing campaigns and provides help and advice to UE locals.

Organizing: Builds the strength and size of UE by organizing new members and providing help and advice to UE locals.

Political Action: Coordinates UE’s independent political action work, based on UE policy (not party politics). UE takes direct, membership action to fight for workers’ rights.

Publicity: Publishes the UE NEWS, along with books and pamphlets. Maintains the UE website,, and UE social media accounts.

Research: Provides UE locals and organizers with financial and other information needed for representing UE members and organizing new members into the union.

UE Store: Sells local and membership supplies and UE gear and publications to UE locals, UE members and the public through mail-order and the UE online store,

Officers and Executive Board

General Officers (listed below) are elected at each UE National Convention.

General President: Responsible for the general administration of UE.

General Secretary-Treasurer: Oversees the union’s finances.

Director of Organization: Directs UE organizing and local servicing through the work of the field staff.

The General Executive Board consists of the General Officers, General Vice Presidents (UE Regional Presidents), Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Secretary-Treasurers, and five at-large delegates from each region, and meets three times a year.

UE Staff

International Representatives: Experienced national organizers who coordinate the work of the field staff or are assigned to direct national UE programs.

Field Organizers: Provide help and advice to UE locals and carry out new organizing campaigns.

National Office Staff: Provide support services for UE locals, regions and organizers.

UE is an independent, militant, member-run union, founded March, 1936. Membership: 35,000 in some 100 UE locals nationwide.

The salary of UE officers can be no more than that of the highest-paid member and is set by delegates to the national convention.