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UE Member’s Job Threatened for Protesting Racism

October 25, 2018

Maya Little, a member of UE Local 150 and a graduate employee at the University of North Carolina, is facing a university “Honor Court” trial today for an act of civil disobedience protesting the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue on UNC’s campus and racism at UNC. The Honor Court could potentially expel Little, which would result in the loss of her job.

Eastern Region Meeting Demonstrates UE’s Ability to Adapt and Embrace Change

October 24, 2018

UE’s Eastern Region held its fall council meeting on Saturday, October 27, with Eastern Region President Donna Morgan welcoming guests from the Northeast Region who were there to observe and discuss a proposal to restructure UE’s regions. Northeast Region President Elizabeth Jesdale briefly addressed the council meeting, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face relationships between UE members to build trust and relationships, especially during the hard times that the union is currently facing.

Local 228 Misclassification Complaint Wins $30,000 in Back Pay for Drivers

October 22, 2018

In August of 2017 several UE Local 228 members, including local president Bill Ladd, filed complaints with the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (DOL WHD) concerning numerous issues and concerns at the National Visa Center (NVC). Part of that complaint was that the members driving between the two buildings were misclassified as Driver/Courier.

UE Local 150 Members Help Commemorate 1978 Strike

October 19, 2018

Almost 100 people attended a program marking the 40th anniversary of the 1978 Rocky Mount Sanitation Workers’ Strike, sponsored by the Phoenix Historical Society at BTW Community Center on Saturday, October 13, 2018. A highlight of the program was the reading of a city council resolution, passed earlier that week, recognizing the strike and honoring the courage of the workers. Read by PHS member and city interim planning director JoSeth Bocook, the resolution ends with:

UE Local 684 Secures Solid Gains in New Contract

October 12, 2018

After settling for small wage increases in their last contract due to a downturn in their company’s business, UE Local 684 members were determined to make up for lost ground in their contract negotiations this year – and they did.

UE Local 684 members work for Electric Materials, formerly known as The Electric Materials Company (TEMCO). Electric Materials, a subsidiary of United Stars, Inc., manufactures custom copper products for the electrical equipment industry.

Support Bold Action by Locked-out Workers in Canada

September 26, 2018

This morning, hundreds of members of our Canadian partner union Unifor blockaded D-J Composites in Gander, Newfoundland, where 30 Unifor members have been locked out for 646 days by their Kansas-based employer.

Show your support for these brave workers by calling D-J Composites’ CEO Rezaul Chowdhury at 316-775-1212 and tell him to accept Unifor’s offer to settle the lockout.

You can also keep reading for other ways to show your support.



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