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Preparation Pays For Water Pollution Control Workers

June 1, 2018

UE Local 222 members who work for the East Windsor Water Pollution Control Authority ratified a new five-year contract with the WPCA commissioner in May. They prepared for contract negotiations by attending budget meetings before putting their proposals together. They then created a Power Point presentation which contained a biography of each employee describing their skills sets.

Unity Pays Off for Local 228 Members

June 1, 2018

On February 28th, the members of UE Local 228 overwhelming ratified a new two-year agreement that includes substantial wage increases and corrects egregious company practices that gave many employees disparate benefits for the same work. The local’s 600 members process immigration documents and provide petitioner support at the Department of State’s National Visa Center. They are employed by federal contractor PAE and its subcontractor, Ikun LLC.

Local 121 Nails Down Solid Contract

June 1, 2018

Members of Local 121, who manufacture nails and rivets for Clendenin Brothers, took a firm stand against management’s aggressive concession proposals and settled a new five-year contract with solid wage increases, improved opportunities for advancement, prohibitions against unfair discipline and improved paid sick and personal leave.

Northeast Region Elects New Leadership, Honors Pompano’s 53 Years with UE

May 30, 2018

Delegates to the Northeast Region’s council meeting at the end of April elected new leadership, honored retiring Regional President Ray Pompano for 53 years of service to UE, and discussed strategies to address sexual harassment and the upcoming Janus decision, which threatens to make all public-sector workplaces “right-to-work.”

FRTA Drivers, Maintenance Workers Win Single Contract, Improved Rights, Wage Increases

May 29, 2018

Drivers and maintenance workers at the Franklin Regional Transit Authority, members of amalgamated UE Local 274, combined their formerly separate contracts and bargaining units into a single contract in their recent negotiations. Previously, the two groups had bargained separately, and not always at the same time.

Eastern Region Endorses Challengers to Democratic Party Establishment, Hears Reports on Strike Solidarity, Organizing and International Solidarity

May 22, 2018

UE's Eastern Region held their regional council meeting in Monroeville, PA on Saturday, April 21st. Delegates gathered to hear shop reports, discuss organizing, labor solidarity and political action, plan for the union's future and elect officers for the coming year.

UE Supports North Carolina Educators

May 14, 2018

UE fully supports the March for Students, Rally for Respect being organized by teachers and other education workers in North Carolina on May 16th.

As UE delegates to our 75th Convention last August noted, “K-12 public education, one of the most fundamental cornerstones of a democratic society, is under direct attack .... [S]tate legislators are starving public education of adequate funding, driving down the quality of schooling and creating a false perception that public schools provide subpar education.”



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