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Grievance Handling

Information Requests

Information Requests


  • To defend the members and the union contract, the union has a legal right to seek information from an employer - and the employer has a legal obligation to provide it as long as the union's request is relevant and not unreasonable.
  • The employer is required to provide relevant information in a variety of circumstances - don't assume that a grievance has to be filed before you can ask!

Investigating Grievances - NLRA

Investigating Grievances – NLRA


  • Stewards need all the information we can get to effectively represent the members
  • One sometimes overlooked source of information is management
  • The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives us the right to ask for (and receive) the information we need from the boss to effectively represent our members.

Grievance Procedure - Step 2

Grievance Procedure – Step 2

Investigating and Handling Grievances
Step Two: Putting the Grievance in Writing

When an employer denies a grievance after the first step, it is up to the steward to submit a written grievance. If the grievance is questionable, it is best to have the Chief Steward or Union Committee review the facts, and make the decision on whether to proceed with the grievance.