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UE Issues Statement
On Contract Settlement

Here is our Statement on the Contract Settlement with GE, issued Thursday, June 30, 2011 ...

Agreement Ratified

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 , 2011 — UE members in UE-GE locals have ratified the proposed 2011-2015 National Contract between UE and GE.


UE-GE Conference
Board Decision

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011 — The UE-GE Conference Board, meeting in Erie today, has voted to recommend acceptance of the tentative agreement reached Sunday with General Electric. UE members in UE-GE local unions will be voting on the proposal during the next week.


Summary of 2011-2015
UE-GE Tentative Agreement

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2011 — A UE-prepared summary of the 2011-2015 UE-GE Tentative Agreement is now available online.

The UE-GE Conference Board will resume its consideration of the proposed agreement tomorrow in Erie.


UE-GE Conference Board
To Meet Starting Tuesday

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011 — The UE-GE Conference Board, made up of representatives of UE-GE Locals will begin discussions tomorrow in New York City and continue them in Erie, Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Union President John Hovis noted that it's important, this year, to extend the discussion period, considering the many changes that the tentative agreement contains.

The union president also cautioned members to wait until they had seen the complete agreement because media reports of what the contract contains are "incomplete, at best."

Wednesday afternoon (note changed day), we will post a detailed summary of the tentative agreement here on the UE website.

On Thursday, we will post the decision of the UE-GE Conference Board.


Tentative Agreement Reached

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 — A tentative agreement was reached at the small table between UE, the CBC unions and GE for a new four-year contract after eight hours of bargaining today (Sunday). The full UE-GE negotiating committee met Sunday evening to review the settlement.

By agreement with GE, details of the proposed new contract will be withheld until Thursday to allow the GE Conference Boards of both the UE and the IUE-CWA time to consider the agreement and make recommendations to their respective memberships.

As in the past, we expect to provide a summary of the tentative agreement on the UE website late Thursday.

UE General President John Hovis said, “While the proposal contains important improvements and advances, it also contains certain disappointments. However, given the current economic climate overall it’s an agreement we can support.”

UE was represented at the small table by Conference Board Secretary Steve Tormey and General President John Hovis.

Negotiations Summaries

Bargaining for a new contract between UE and the General Electric Company began Tuesday, May 24 in New York city;  the IUE-CWA began its talks the day before (see: CBC website).

UE and the IUE-CWA hold national agreements with GE while members of nine other unions are covered by local agreements. In all, 11 unions bargain jointly with GE and work together through the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of General Electric Unions (CBC).

We are posting negotiation summaries as they become available following each bargaining session. As in past years, we expect to have our summary posted the morning after a session has concluded.

News and Information

Thousands Turn Out
For GE Contract Rally in Erie

Erie, PA — Thousands of General Electric workers and supporters turned out Saturday, June 4, in a massive show of solidarity, sending a clear message that they don't like the company's attack on healthcare, pensions and wages for newly-hired workers. Read Story ...

More Information:

3,500 turn out for GE union's rally in downtown Erie (GoErie.com)

Union Members Rally for GE Workers (WICU/WSEE-TV)

• On Facebook: Erie rally pictures and videos

• On Flickr: Local 332 Picket and Rally, June 3, 2011, Ft. Edward, NY

Retirees Rally for Pension Increase,
Defend Benefits of Current, Future Workers

The Retirees Association of General Electric (RAGE) rallied in Erie Wednesday, May 11 to demand not only a pension adjustment (which would be the first since 2007), but that the company maintain its incredibly healthy and fully-funded pension plan as a benefit for future hourly workers ... Read More ...

Adopts Contract Demands,
Lays Plans for Membership Mobilization

The UE-GE Conference Board has adopted a 'wide-ranging bargaining program' for this year's upcoming contract negotiations with General Electric. Delegates expressed determination to achieve contract gains despite GE's desire for concessions ... Read More ...

UE General President Calls
On GE to Increase Retirees' Pensions

Noting that the cost of living has moved sharply upward in the last few years, UE Gen. Pres. Hovis has called on GE to increase retirees' pensions ... Read More ...

GE Workers Plan for Tough
Bargaining at Unity Meeting

General Electric workers are anticipating difficult national negotiations with the company beginning in May, so 125 national and local union leaders gathered on January 8 for an expanded meeting of the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of GE Unions (CBC). ... Read More ...


GE Conference Board Denounces Pension Attack;
Begins Preparations for Bargaining

The UE-GE Conference Board wasted no time in condemning GE's plan to exclude new, non-exempt salaried salaried employees from the pension plan and life insurance ... Read More ...

• Download PDF version of the Conference Board Resolution ...

Fort Edward, NY
Local 332 Rally:
"Hands Off Our Healthcare!"

UE Local 332 members got an early start staking out their position on healthcare. During an early November rally outside their worplace in Ft. Edward, NY, they made it clear they were not interested in any GE takeaways in their health insurance. We've got photos ...

Unity 2011
Two Important Meetings
Set for 2011 Contract Bargaining

The start of contract negotiations with GE is closer than you may think. Here are two important meeings (one for the UE-GE Conference Board and another for CBC Union leaders and activists) that should be on your calendar. Read More ...

"Health Choice"
An Unhealthy Choice

At its meeting last March, the UE-GE Conference Board took a look at GE’s new “Health Choice” medical plan imposed on exempt salaried employees, and passed this resolution. We haven’t changed our minds about “Health Choice” since then. Read More ...

A Problem Only GE Could Have
What to DO with all the MONEY!?

Maybe you knew this already (maybe you didn't), but corporations have emerged from the finnancial crisis with PILES of cash (really). And, of course, one of the biggest piles of cash is in the hands of -- you guessed it -- GE! Figuring out what to do with it all is actually a problem ... for which we have some solutions. Read More ..

Retirees Rally Set in Erie
For Wednesday, May 11

MEDIA ADVISORY Retirees Association of General Electric, R.A.G.E., and members of UE Local 506 and 618, representing about 4,000 GE workers will rally Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12 Noon. The GE East Gate (intersection of Water and Main Streets) has been selected as the rally site ... Read More ...



Ronald Reagan
Danced to GE's Tune

Why would we do an article about Ronald Reagan right now? Well, maybe it's the $15 million GE has spent to promote the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth. Maybe it's because GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt is an avowed admirer of Reagan. Or, maybe, its because Reagan began his anti-union career while on the payroll of GE. It's some history worth reading ... Read More ...

Seventy Years of Struggle:
A Brief History of UE Bargaining with GE

This pamphlet, written in 2007, tells how GE workers organized the union, won the first UE-GE National Contract with GE, and have battled ever since, to achieve the wages and conditions we now enjoy. It contains valuable lessons for today’s generation of GE workers. Download PDF ...

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